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Expertise in Photovoltaics Technology

OSW-Photovoltaics GmbH was established by Oliver Schultz-Wittmann in November 2016 to provide expertise in photovoltaic technology, enabling scientific innovation in the industrial environment. Oliver (Dr. rer. nat, Dipl. Phys.) has 16 years of experience in PV academia and industry.

In 2000, Oliver started his career at Fraunhofer ISE in Freiburg, Germany, where he worked on his Diploma Thesis in Physics. The work included the manufacturing and characterization of selective emitter structures for crystalline silicon solar cells. In 2002, he commenced his Doctoral Thesis on high-efficiency multicrystalline silicon solar cells. Oliver developed and optimized both design and fabrication of solar cells built from defect-rich multicrystalline silicon; he discovered effective impurity gettering processes, new process technologies for texturing, and strategies for surface passivation and metallization. In 2004, this work culminated in the world´s first multicrystalline silicon solar cell with more than 20% efficiency. This efficiency record was unbeaten for more than 10 years.

During his tenure at Fraunhofer ISE, Oliver collaborated with numerous industrial partners on the development of industrial manufacturing processes for a variety of high-efficiency solar cell structures (see publication list). By the end of his stay with Fraunhofer, Oliver was heading the High-Efficiency Silicon Solar Cell group and had successfully mentored many students during their doctoral or diploma theses.

In 2008, Oliver moved to Silicon Valley, California, to join a PV start-up company. In 2009, he became a co-founder of TetraSun, a start-up targeting the cost-effective manufacture of high-efficiency silicon solar cells. Oliver played an instrumental role in developing the TetraSun technology suite, which features novel approaches to achieve electrically passivated contacts, Cu plated metallization and inherent bifaciality. Following a company merger in 2014 with FirstSolar Inc., the world’s leading thin film PV module manufacturer, the TetraSun technology was successfully transferred into industrial scale manufacturing in a 100 MW line in Kulim, Malaysia.

In 2016, Oliver moved to Berlin, Germany, where he assumed the critical role of linking teams across 3 continents, including a newly-chartered module R&D group, a contract manufacturer of modules, and cell production and R&D groups. Oliver’s success in this role was demonstrated by a combination of manufacturing-ready new technologies for cells and modules that resulted in certified full area module efficiency >20%.

Oliver is a member of the IEC standardization Working Group 8 (Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells) and is currently involved in the development of standards for the measurement of carrier-induced degradation on silicon solar cells and measurement standards for bifacial solar cells and modules. He participates in the peer review process for scientific journals and international conferences. Oliver received the Solar World Junior Einstein Award in 2006, is a co-awardee of the R&D 100 Award of 2013 and received the IEEE Young Professional Award in 2014.

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